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JettaSoft Sistemas Especialistas#

<>Jettasoft is a technology based company founded in 2014 and located in Florianópolis-SC. The company was created through the "Sinapse da Inovação" innovation program.

<>Offices in Brazil (Florianópolis) and Chile (Santiago).

<>Accelerated by "Inove Senior" in 2015 and "Start-Up Chile" in 2016.


Currently develops solutions for optimization of logistic processes, with a focus on optimization and planning of loads, to industries and logistics operators in general.

<>Our product`s website: www.jettacargo.com.br/en

Map and location information#

Endereço:Rod. SC 401, KM 4 - CIA Centro de Inovação Acate - Sala 21
• Florianópolis - SC